The Art of the Struggle Is Real: Quick Book Update

With a new year comes new possibilities and a chance to start (and actually finish) something I’ve wanted to do forever. I think I speak for everyone who has tried it, “writing a book is a whole lot harder than I thought it would be.”

No, I haven’t forgotten about my book! It’s still safely backed up on every hard drive I own patiently awaiting its fate.

I started writing in 2015 and it took about three years to finish the writing portion. Then the first round of editing began. I can’t even remember how many rounds there were, that part gets kind of fuzzy and for a whole bunch of different reasons. First, you actually wonder if what you’re doing even matters. The thoughts start all at once, will people actually read this? What is the point?

But then all of the memories of why you started writing in the first place come back. If writing a book about being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy can be healing for me, then maybe it can be healing for someone who reads it. Maybe my story can be part of someone’s life just like how movies, books, and music have had a part in my life.

Submitting the book to agents and publishers sounded daunting before, but I did it. And maybe they weren’t right for them, but submitting it to smaller publishing houses and finding the right niche is my new outlook and plan.

New year, new tactics…that’s my new motto!

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