With the shelter-in-place and quarantine lifestyle simply feeling like it’s never going to end, it’s easy to jump to conclusions. You start believing that it’s never going to get better. These are very strange and uncertain times and that’s what the news keeps telling us and what it wants us to keep thinking.

But what would happen if we step away from the negativity for a moment and truly focus on all that this alone time has given us. We can dwell on the fact that there has never been such a catastrophic outbreak as this one. We can sit inside and keep listening to the death toll and how it’s rising.

The news never gives us a total of how many people have recovered from COVID-19. We never hear the stories about the people who have lived to tell their experience of having the corona virus. Being locked indoors and miles away from friends and family has given us a reason to reach out and sometimes to people we haven’t talked to in years.

As I’m sitting here listening to Spotify and trying to make an amazing playlist (the only kind I make), just remember, we’re all in this together. The High School Musical refrain has never been more real and is ideal for this situation we’re definitely all in at this time. Just keep quarantine-ing!

One response to “Just Keep Quarantine-ing”

  1. Tom Hoegel Avatar
    Tom Hoegel

    So true Elissa! I think of these times as when the near has become far, and the far has become near. We can’t reach out and touch those close to us but are forging and nourishing relationships with people hundreds and thousands of miles away. I hope when we move into the new era that we re-kindle the “near” but hang on to the “far”


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