An Ordeal, a College, and a Jonas – All Under 48 Hours (Throwback Thursday)

Welcome to Throwback Thursday story time!

I cried from laughing when I found my next post on my old laptop. I think I only wrote a few blog style posts when I had a MySpace and this one was definitely up there as one of my best life changing moments.

You see, up until the date I wrote it (March 28, 2009), I had never seen a celebrity out in the wild. Except in this case, they were all at UCLA for the Kid’s Choice Awards so they were technically supposed to be there, but I just happened to be there at the same time.

I knew my post about the Jonas Brothers would be appreciated again someday and now is probably the best time to bring it back. Please, sit back and relax as I recount my exact moments leading up to when I breathed the same air as Joe Jonas from about ten feet away.

March 28, 2009 – Saturday

An ordeal, a college, and a Jonas? All under 48 hours

Well of course, we couldn’t have a vacation without a few ordeals here and there. If the LA traffic wasn’t enough, not being able to check into our resort is pretty up there too. My mom and I decided to take a trip to look at a few colleges in southern California this week. We decided to stay in Escondido because it has a resort that we could get for free with our time share plan.

After driving for a very very long time, we finally made it to our resort. We got to the front
desk and gave them our check in papers. But the only problem (according to the resort) is that my dad’s name was on our check in papers and he just so happened to not have driven those many many miles with us.

My dad had to fax a paper to the resort telling them that my mom had permission to check in. Even though my dad’s name is on the time share account, my mom had been the one who made the reservations and I guess it didn’t occur to the resort that her voice didn’t sound like my dad’s.

The fax machine took awhile to work because our fax machine likes to decide when it works and when it doesn’t want to work. My mom and I decided to make a stop at Vons to
pick up some breakfast foods and we also had to make a stop at Olive Garden since it is the most amazing place to eat ever!

We got back to the resort and the fax finally came so we could check in. What an ordeal! But our trip has had some highlights so far as well. We made a stop in Hollywood and ate at the Disney’s Soda Fountain across from the Kodak Theater. Next, we stopped by Rodeo Drive and looked at all
the stuff we couldn’t buy! Next, we drove a few miles to the UCLA campus.

We were checking out the campus as well as trying to spot the celebrities that were attending the Kid’s Choice Awards. It was being filmed at Pauley Pavilion at UCLA. We came around a corner and my mom told me she thought she heard some screaming. Don’t ask me why, but I
thought it sounded like a truck! But as we got closer, I heard them yelling “Jonas, Jonas!”

And I almost ran, but not all the way! I CAREFULLY bolted down the steps! I saw a crowd of people and as I got closer, I saw Nick Jonas signing autographs. I walked up a little further and there in his Ray Bans, and OMG his jaw line was beautiful…was Joseph Jonas!! I almost stopped breathing I think, but I know for sure I mouthed the words “OH MY GOSH!!”

At this point, I couldn’t speak. I pulled out my camera and tried my hardest to get a picture. I was a few people away from them, but I couldn’t get the best pictures. After the Jonas Brothers left, I was able to get a good spot near the front of the crowd. I got to take some better pictures of Corbin Bleu, David Archuleta (!!!!!!!), Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Brenda Song, and Jesse McCartney. So after that, we walked around the rest of the campus. It’s really nice, but it would take forever to walk everywhere! But I really liked it.

Next, we called a neighbor who had moved down to the LA area and we
ended up having dinner with her at Chili’s. It was a pretty
unbelievable day!! Tomorrow we are planning to stay by the pool all
day so we don’t have to hit any more traffic for awhile! I’ll write
some more later 🙂

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