When you find what you’re passionate about, it’s a relief. You are finally able to express yourself as well as feel fulfilled.

I was reminded of what I’m passionate about during a time when I was focusing on the things you’re supposed to be focusing on just out of college. I was looking for a job, but I didn’t really know what type of job. So many things were starting to take precedence in my life that I was beginning to not have time for myself anymore.

One day while aimlessly scrolling through Twitter, I came across an opportunity that seemed far-fetched at the time. A celebrity news website was looking for writers. I filled out an application and sent it to the email address that they had provided. I started writing for them the following week. And I’m so happy that I did.

I started writing for them during a pretty low time in my life. I had just been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and I didn’t know what that meant for my future.

Writing for them, I was able to combine two of my favorite things; the media and writing. I had grown up loving to express myself in creative ways. I loved writing poetry in elementary school and had been dancing in ballet, jazz, and lyrical since I was around the age of three.

When I danced, I felt free. It was the physical representation of my emotions being released and the opportunity to express myself to music. When I started to become physically unable to dance because of limitations from muscular dystrophy, I didn’t know what to turn to anymore.

One of my favorite forms of expression was taken away from me against my will.

By writing for the website, I was given a way to express myself again. I don’t think they know how much they helped me. I felt held back before writing for them and sure enough the feeling of being held back made me even more inspired to write. Your reaction is to want to break free and not be restrained and that is what writing did for me and continues to do for me. I couldn’t dance to a song, but I had words that could paint pictures without the fancy lighting and ambiance of a stage.

I’ve heard many people in the media talk about how their fear and anxiety are released through their creativity. Whether it’s through acting, performing live as musicians, or designers. I didn’t know what my outlet would be with my new reality, but when I was given the opportunity to write for the website, I was given back a part of me that had been taken.

I’ve always been attracted to art; everything from movies to photography and music. I appreciate how everyone has their own interpretation and are willing to let others into their world. Even when I’m not always brave enough to let people into my life, I find it comforting to know that art can be that kind of outlet for me and a way for everyone to feel connected.

When my ability to dance was taken away, I thought my favorite way to express myself was gone, but by finding writing again, it reminded me of what I had truly loved all along.

One response to “How Writing For A Celebrity News Site Helped Me Find My Voice Again”

  1. Tom Hoegel Avatar
    Tom Hoegel

    Great article. I think the key isn’t a specific outlet for creativity, it is finding what works for you. Well said Elissa.


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