Dream Road Trip

There is something so freeing about going on a road trip. You can plan for it as much as you want, but sooner or later something is going to come up that you didn’t plan for. Those moments are my favorite. I think planning on where I’ll be on a certain day is helpful and having some sort of idea where I’m going is important, but some of my favorite moments are ones that happen organically.

For awhile now, okay more like ever since I saw Sixteen Candles when I was in high school, I’ve been obsessed with houses in movies from the 80s. Or houses used in John Hughes movies in general.

There are countless videos on Youtube of people driving by the houses and some even share the addresses (which is pretty extreme and invasive for the people living in said houses). More than anything, it’s what the houses represent that people love the most I think. Who wouldn’t want to drive by Jake Ryan’s giant mansion or take a quick jaunt down memory lane during Christmas and roll past Kevin McCallister’s?

I think it would be fun to drive by places that were used in John Hughes movies just because I’m that type of person that looks for locations that were used in movies whenever I happen to be close to certain cities where they were filmed. Last year I happened to be in downtown Healdsburg and had to stop at the park that was used in the movie Scream. True to my word, I’ll make a stop whenever I’m close to something. I need a bumper sticker that says, I brake for movie locations.

I’ve always been drawn to the East Coast because I visited my great-grandparents in Maryland when I was younger and have never had the chance to go back since then. I think it would be great to drive through the states that I still haven’t been to and be able to take photo breaks along the way. Have I mentioned I love architecture? And not only houses from 80s movies, but the interior and the exterior of houses and old buildings.

I would also like to see New York just because…it’s New York. The only big cities I’ve ever really been to are San Francisco and Los Angeles, but I don’t think you can even compare those three. I’m not good in busy places so New York does sound terrifying if I really think about it, but I think it’s something I should experience at some point in my life. Maybe see a Broadway show or the Statue of Liberty and be extra touristy.

The East Coast is a whole other world it feels like compared to the West Coast and lately I’ve been in the mood to travel. I made a list of the places I wanted to visit if I ever go to the East Coast again. I really want to research each state now and find the best places to visit. Being stuck at home has made me want to get out and travel and I’m sure everyone else is right there with me!

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