If you’re in the mood for a 90s Halloween movie, be sure to tune in when Drew Barrymore hosts a live viewing of Scream tonight, October 25 on CBS (check your local listings for the exact time). I was six when it came out in 1996, but after discovering it years later, I always make sure to watch it during spooky season.

The movie stars Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, and Drew Barrymore. Originally asked to star as the lead, Drew asked to bend the rules when it came to the horror/slasher genre.

“In the horror film genre, my biggest pet peeve was that I always knew the main character was going to be slugging through at the end, but was going to creak by and make it,” Drew said during an August episode of Hot Ones.

“What I wanted to do is to take that comfort zone away. I asked if I could be Casey Becker so we would establish this rule does not apply in this film.”

When Drew spoke with Entertainment Weekly in 2011, she said, “I just read the script one night at my house and I just said, ‘Oh my God, there hasn’t been anything like this for so long.’”

She “loved that it actually got tongue-in-cheeky but it was still scary and it was this great game that sort of described genres and revived them at the same time and redefined them all in one script.”

I think that’s what makes Scream so different from other scary movies. It manages to be satirical and make fun of all the horror cliches, but it still has all the elements that makes it a true horror/slasher movie.

Be sure to check out the movie tonight or set your DVR!

I finally got the chance to visit the small town of Healdsburg, California, where they used the downtown plaza for the fictitious town of Woodsboro for the film.

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