“Artists should own their work for so many reasons, but the most screamingly obvious one is that the artist is the only one who really knows that body of work.” -Taylor Swift

There is something magical and quite comforting when you know all the words to every song on a new album. It usually takes a few weeks (or days!) of hearing the music and lyrics together to finally get all the words down, but this time when Taylor Swift releases the rerecording of her album, Fearless, I’ll know all the words simply because this album has been released before…and I seriously can’t wait for the new version!

Back in 2008, Taylor released her album Fearless on November eleventh with her label at the time, Big Machine Records. In order for Taylor to officially own her entire catalogue of music, since she wasn’t able to fully own her original master recordings, she will be rerecording her first six albums.

It’s fitting that Taylor would choose Fearless as her first rerecorded album. The 2008 version of the album was one of the best-selling albums of the 21st century and brought with it the singles, Fearless, Love Story, White Horse, Fifteen, and You Belong With Me.

The upcoming version of Fearless, aptly named Fearless (Taylor’s Version) will be released thirteen years after the original and on April ninth (4+9=13); thirteen famously being Taylor’s favorite and lucky number.

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) will include the original thirteen tracks, plus six songs from the Fearless platinum edition, the single from the 2010 film, “Valentine’s Day” called Today Was A Fairytale, as well as six songs that have never been released on one of Taylor’s albums.

On Good Morning America, Taylor said this about her upcoming rerecorded album, “my version of ‘Fearless’ will have 26 songs on it, because I’ve decided to add songs from the vault, which are songs that almost made the ‘Fearless’ album, but I’ve now gone back and recorded those so that everyone will be able to hear not only songs that made the album but the songs that almost made it.”

I still remember the very first song I ever heard by Taylor Swift. It was I’d Lie. I found it on a friend’s Myspace page and I couldn’t help but keep pressing play each time it ended.

Right from the beginning, I knew there was something about Taylor that was different than other artists. For starters, she was my age and she was actually writing her songs. Her songs sounded like diary entries and being the ever so prolific writer in my high school years, I could totally relate. I’ve always been a sucker for a cute notebook. Taylor wrote about the things that, at the time, an insecure 18 year old wanted to hear and connect with.

Each one of her albums has a special place in my heart. Each one became part of the soundtrack that represents different times in my life; my high school days, junior college, college, and life after college. I can’t wait to hear the new recordings of her second album. I’ve enjoyed decoding her messages in her recent posts on social media. The messages in her lyric booklets are a Taylor staple when it comes to secrets behind each song. I wonder if she’ll continue that in her new lyric booklets. We can only wait and see!

Here’s to lucky numbers and reclaiming Fearless.

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