Today I’ve been looking through my family’s old photographs and later I’m going to a museum of the little town my grandparents have lived in for the last fifty years so it’s really been a day of being surrounded by history!

Anything vintage, or nostalgic, I’m always up for a throwback!

I have always loved looking through old photos and imagining what was happening when the photo was taken. History has always interested me, especially my family’s history. Sure, there’s 23 and Me and Ancestry, but actually being able to feel as though you know the people you’re reading about is truly fascinating. And being able to hold photos in your hands is a tangible way to look through history.

My grandparents have been writing short stories for my brother and his wife in an app called Storyworth that will compile them into a book later on. We’ve been looking through old photos to attach to some of the stories. Yes, literally holding and touching old photos in albums and yearbooks, it seems like such a lost art!

My great grandfather, grandmother, and her brother

Looking through eBay and Amazon, I noticed that people actually sell old yearbooks. At first, I thought it was kind of creepy. How were people getting these? Probably through garage sales or estate sales. My mom recently saw family photos being sold at a garage sale. They were school photos of the family that previously owned the house. They were photos from the 40s and 50s. I had no idea why someone would want to own someone else’s memories. But I guess someone would want them because that’s exactly what museums do and they’re some of the most interesting places that hold all sorts of history.

I love looking through old yearbooks. The students always seem so much older than I did at their age, but it’s reassuring to know we were all going through similar things just decades apart. I think that’s what makes yearbooks so special. It’s exciting to think that we’re all different and grew up in different times, yet we’re all alike in so many ways. I’ve been going through photos all day and started to get nostalgic so naturally I had to blog about it!

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