After accidentally picking up each other’s bags at a London gym, 40-somethings Sam and Nisha find that what you wear doesn’t always give the complete picture of who you are. Nisha is used to her wealthy lifestyle, but is suddenly cut off when her husband wants a divorce. Sam tries on the red Louboutins she finds in the gym bag and feels her confidence go up, but all she’s really trying to do is keep her family afloat.

I gave this book a 3.75. I liked the contrasting characters and how it showed the role clothes can have on someone’s confidence. At first, I thought Nisha was very hard to like, but after hearing more of her past, it was easier to understand why she was the way she was. Sam and Nisha had to fight for what they wanted whether it was in their marriage or job and I liked how once they met they reminded each other to go after what they really wanted.

The main characters finally have their stories intertwine towards the end. It took awhile longer than I thought it would take for them to meet. There were aspects that felt like they weren’t necessary and other parts that felt crucial to the plot, but were somehow looked over. I thought this was a fun read and as I kept reading, I started liking both characters and wanted what was best for them.

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