Lucky Caller by Emma Mills – Book Review

Emma Mills masterfully tells the story of the friends-since-childhood scenario that brings with it a sense of familiarity. Nina thinks that taking a radio broadcasting class will be an easy elective class for senior year. She quickly learns that this idea is a complete disaster. Her haphazardly formed group members have nothing in common. What... Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup (For the Soul)

I can say that without a doubt, I've excelled more at something when creativity was involved. I think I learned at an early age that I felt happier and more included in a task when I could use my imagination to help complete a project. Looking back, I have elementary school to thank for that.... Continue Reading →

The Art of Sound Design

Up until I took a class about Sound Design in college, I had no idea how big of a role sound played in a film or TV show. Whether it's the sound of a penny clinking against a glass as someone throws it into a cup or the rubbing of Jeans as someone walks, every... Continue Reading →

History of Rock and Roll

After watching the 8 part series, Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music on Hulu, I was reminded that I've always wanted to take a class about the history of rock and music in general. Besides writing, music is something that helps me get through the day whether it's a good one or... Continue Reading →

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