Like many people, when Kat Von D’s mansion went up for sale, I started researching and looking through photos of the rooms on Zillow (because everyone does that, right?). I felt like this house needed more than just some posts online and sure enough, everyone who wanted to know more about the beautiful remodel, you’re in luck.

Kat Von D wrote in an Instagram post that there will be a documentary about the home coming out later this year. There is no information yet on where or when it will air.

Located in the historic Windsor Square neighborhood of Los Angeles, the 1896 Queen Anne Victorian mansion that famous tattoo artist, Kat Von D listed on the market earlier this year, played the part of the facade of the Baker family home in the 2003 remake of “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

Before remodel

Kat Von D did a full renovation, bringing the home to a goth-inspired grandeur. At 12,565 feet, 13 bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms, no expense was spared. The backyard is complete with a blood-red pool!

kat von d 357 lorraine house credit: The Sher Group/Jim Bartsch contact:

The post below describes more about the upcoming documentary.

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