Netflix Book Club

You can now talk, read, watch, and gush about the books that have been turned into Netflix movies and shows. If you were already doing that on your own or amongst friends, there is now a space where we can all unite and bask in that rush we get when we prepare to see one of our favorite books on screen.

Netflix and Starbucks have teamed up to create, But Have You Read The Book, hosted by Orange Is the New Black actor, Uzo Aduba. This new social series features “the stars and storytellers behind our latest book-to-screen adaptations,” ( They will discuss the characters, themes, and stories from the book and how that translates onto screen.

The most recent episode includes the author of the Bridgerton series, Julia Quinn. Season two of Bridgerton will premiere this Friday, March 25 on Netflix! You’re one step ahead if you’ve already read book two, The Viscount Who Loved Me.

Remember, this is not like regular book clubs, this is a cool Netflix book club. Read, watch, discuss, but not necessarily in that order!

You can follow along, catch up, and watch future episodes here.

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