Word Document Time Capsule

I’ve been reading the beginning of my novel again. The one I wrote about publishing at the beginning of this blog back when I started it in 2015/2016. Of course, this version I’m reading through now is a different variation of the story, but I can’t help but think about what it would be like to have it published.

Finding a writing group of some sort would be so much fun to bounce ideas off of one another. I’ve never been part of a writing group, but I think that would be something to help me get back into writing again and maybe actually finish my book!

I’ve been thinking about how important it is to have disability representation in media and in public in general. If I feel alone sometimes because of my disability (muscular dystrophy), I’m more than certain others with disabilities feel the same way.

I need that push again to start writing and I’m beginning to feel like it’s there, just waiting for me to pick up where I left off.

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